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Free mini DDrink is a retro horror shooter game for Mac.
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Awards: Mac Informer Editor Rating 4
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mini DDrink is a 2D shooter game where your objective is to eliminate as many enemies as you can and survive the apocalypse. The app features challenging missions, provides you with detailed gameplay instructions, and keeps track of your highest score.

The graphics aren't impressive, nevertheless, some Mac users might get nostalgic with this 2D horror game. Plus, the sound effects and noises made by the zombies surely make the challenges creepier.

In my opinion, it's worth installing mini DDrink on your Mac only if you intend to play it for a short while, during a break from work. The app offers only three challenges and lets you use only one type of weapon (a machine gun).

Another thing I didn't like was that it displayed a link at the top of the screen and if you click it by accident, the app redirects you to a website and stops the gameplay. Furthermore, the Highscores menu fails to display any info (shows that there's an error getting the high scores details from the Web).

With that being said, it's up to you to decide whether it's worth installing this app on your Mac or not. But since it's free of charge you can at least try it yourself.

AG Senior editor
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Review summary


  • Offers you gameplay instructions
  • Plays creepy sound effects
  • Free of charge


  • Poor graphics
  • Brings only 3 levels
  • Displays a link at the top of the screen (if you click it, it redirects you to a website)
  • Highscores menu fails to display any info



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