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Mine Swept is an entertaining game for Mac, similar to Minesweeper app.
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Mine Swept is a game similar to the classical Minesweeper (an app which can be found in the default installation of any Windows PC). Your goal is to reveal all the board squares that aren't hiding mines.

You can choose between three difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert) or select the game options that match your needs (enter the grid dimensions and number of mines). During gameplay, you can pause and resume whenever you feel it is necessary.

If you ask me, this game is more about luck, especially at your first click on the board. After that, you can deduce if there are any mines around the safe squares. The game is won once you manage to reveal all safe squares from the board and lost when you uncover a mine.

My only issue with this application is the fact that it doesn't allow you to save game progress. You can only pause and resume the gameplay.

To summarize, Mine Swept provides you with a relaxing yet challenging way to spend your spare time in front of your Mac. This app gives you access to plenty of useful features, offers you a comprehensive help manual, and comes with no price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Brings 3 difficulty levels
  • You can create a custom game
  • You can pause and resume gameplay
  • Offers you detailed game instructions
  • Has an option to show the mines locations


  • Unable to save game progress
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