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Free Mine Searcher is a very nice minesweeper clone for the Mac.
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Thomas Sunde Nielsen
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Mine Searcher is a very nice minesweeper clone for the Mac. This is a classic game that came with every Windows computer that I have owned. It is simple, challenging and fun. In the game, you have to click on the blocks to unlock them all, but if you hit a mine, the game will be over. When you unlock a block that is not a mine, it will show a number, this number is how many mines are next to this block. So, if your first unlocked block says "1", you can expect it to have one adjacent mine. At first, the game is about pure luck, but as you uncover blocks, you can start to get a picture of where the mines are.

Unlike the standard version of Mine Sweeper, in Mine Searcher, you can customize the game a bit. When you first launch the application, the game will ask how big you want the grid to be and how many bombs (mines) you want in it.

Gameplay is very smooth, and the graphics are nice. Keep in mind that this is a casual game, so don't be expecting much from it. Die-hard fans of Minesweeper will absolutely love it, though.

Mine Searcher is a free download from the Mac App Store.

JF Senior editor
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