Mills Online

Mills Online 4.0

Place checkers on the board in order to form a mill.

Mills Online is a nice game that consists in placing checkers on the board. Each player starts with 9 checkers. Once all the checkers are on the board, the players begin to move their checkers. A checker can be moved from one dot to another along the lines. A checker can only be moved 1 place at a time. A checker cannot be moved onto a dot that is already occupied by another checker.

Whenever a player forms a mill (three checkers in a row), that player can take one of their opponent's checker off the board (as long as it doesn't form part of a mill itself). If all the opponent's checkers are inside a mil, then an exception is made and the player can take any checker. The game is won when your opponent cannot move any of the checkers or if they have only 2 checkers.

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