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New take on the classical snake game.
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MilkSnake is an interesting variant of the classic Snake game. Like in any Snake game, the goal is to eat as many pieces as you can while avoiding to hit another part of the snake that you control. Every time you "eat" a piece, the snake will become larger and larger, making it more complicated for you to navigate the level. Unlike the classic game, this one is played in a 3D object resembling a donut. Thus, there are more possibilities and added difficulties.

You control the snake with the arrow keys. The left and right keys are the most important ones, since they control movement. With the up arrow key, you can accelerate your snake. This is great for impatient players like yours truly. I tested the game in the normal difficulty setting, and it was entertaining. It only got challenging after a few minutes in that difficulty setting. I like the added difficulty that moving in a 3D plane provides. It is really easy when you see the entire snake, but when you move down through the middle of the "donut", you can't see what is going to appear in front of you.

If you want to test the gameplay before purchasing the app, you can download MilkSnake Torus Edition from the Mac App Store. It only has one level, but it is fun as well.

José Fernández
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