MilDotCalc 1.0

MilDotCalc helps determine the distance to object by using the relation formula.
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MilDotCalc helps determine the distance to an object by using the Mil relation formula. A mil, or mil-radian, is an angular unit of measure. If one knows the width or height to a distant object being observed with a mil ranging reticle equipped optic (binocular, rifle scope, etc.), then MilDotCalc can provide precise range estimates between the observer and the distant object.
Some of the other features include target size in mils, target size in one of 5 units of measure and a simple table that can store your own list of target sizes. It also provides a facility to estimate distances using the Flash to Sound technique which multiplies the speed of sound at sea level by the time interval elapsed between the flash and sound events.
Good range estimation is key when hiking in the wilderness, playing Golf and when doing long range shooting. Range estimation is also use extensively in military, marine and engineering applications.

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