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Mike's ThumbNailer 2.5

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Mike DeWalt

Choose a folder and ThumbNailer creates thumbs for all the pictures in the folder... click on a thumb and the picture is displayed in a larger view window... click on the view window to open a resizable window for the picture you select. Rotate photos... sort thumbs by date or name. Does slide shows too. Slideshows to your MP3's and AAC's... file conversions... Simple as that, and free. Creates HTML thumb pages for your web site... or as a way to distribute a photo catalog to anyone with a browser on any platform. It's still freeware... please send me your feedback
What's new in this version:
ThumbNailer now makes HTML based thumbs for your web page or "HTML Photo Catalog" to distribute to anyone with a browser Forward, back, begining, end, and "auto" controls for slide shows Batch move, copy, and delete Easier to set favorite folders

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