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Mac's Sleep modes make it possible to never have to turn off the computer. They are ideal for times when you have to postpone work for a later date without shutting it down. The sleep feature will make sure your device remains power-friendly as well as retain instant access to your applications. In fact, there are two different tools with an almost similar functionality: Sleep and Hibernate (Safe Sleep). Note that the Sleep mode will save all changes in its memory (faster to close, may lose all data if the battery runs out), while Hibernate will write the memory to the hard drive (slower to wake up but safer).

With Midnight, users get a choice of both Sleep and Hibernate functions, in the form of a Dashboard widget. This little app has an intuitive functionality; by clicking on the Mac icon, the computer will go to sleep. Additional settings are in place to direct the user to the login screen first, enable hibernation and turn off Airport.

Users can create multiple Midnight instances, each with its own set of settings.

Midnight is easily accessible, most effective and what's more, free.

Rory Shaffer
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