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Lets you change the MIDI messages sent from your Akai MIDImix.

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rating Delano
The layout in the editor doesn't match the layout of the actual Midimix. The software shows a row called "pan" which doesn't exist on the hardware. The hardware also has 4 buttons on the right side that do not appear in the software, and are therefore uneditable. These claims can be verified by comparing the screenshot on this site to any picture of the Midimix online. The "master" fader on the bottom right is permanently linked to the top right button on the hardware, giving you a button and a fader that send the same midi message, which makes it almost impossible to use both at the same time. I have emailed Akai about a potential update to fix these issues and received no reply. If you can deal with these issues, everything else is fantastic, and I just ordered a second one.

Even with these annoying and stupid issues, I still like it a lot.

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