◉ Record, Edit and Convert Audio with MicroWave Easily record, trim, split and join digital audio on your Mac.
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◉ Record, Edit and Convert Audio with MicroWave
Easily record, trim, split and join digital audio on your Mac. Apply effects, master your iTunes library, digitize your old tapes and vinyl records, produce podcasts, record internet radio streams* and convert your music between major audio file formats (including MP3, MP4, WAVE, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and many more) with MicroWave.

◉ Professional Power, Great Sound
MicroWave is a complete audio editing and disk recording application with pro level features packaged in a neat and tidy user interface. It comes with many included audio effects and offers intuitive editing functionality so anyone can produce great-sounding results.

◉ Detailed Manual Included
We made MicroWave really easy to use. But for those who are not familiar with audio editing we also included a detailed and extensive manual that covers every aspect of editing audio with MicroWave. Plus you can always contact our awesome support for further assistance.

◉ Powerful Features
• Cut, Copy and Paste between multipile documents.
• Persistent marker support with automatic silence detection.
• Delete and Trim audio.
• Infinite and instantenous Undo and Redo.
• Undo and Redo states are saved with the document.
• Supports importing of multiple audio files into one document.
• Supports full screen editing.
• Supports Stereo and Mono audio.
• Supports sampling rates 8khz - 96khz.
• Supports bit depths 8bit, 16bit, 24bit, 32bit.
• Supports conversion between all channel layouts, samples rates and bit depths.
• Waveform zoom levels from 100% down to 1:1 sample resolution.
• Supports editing of individual samples.
• Supports recording from built in microphone and line-in.
• Supports recording from any USB and FireWire Audio Device that is supported by OS X.
• Supports recording from other applications (like browsers, etc) and internet streams*
• Maximum recording length is only limited by free space on the hard drive.
Audio Effects:
• Fade In
• Fade Out
• Generate Silence
• Silence Selection
• Change Gain
• Normalize Audio
• Reverse Audio
• Delay (Echo)
• Peak Limiter
• Apply Distortion
• Graphic Equalizer
• Low Pass Filter
• High Pass Filter
• Band Pass Filter
• Multiband Compressor
• Matrix Reverb
• Change Pitch
• Dynamics Processor
• High Shelf Filter
• Parametric Equalizer
File Formats (import and export):
• MP3 and OGG Vorbis
• M4A, MP4, AAC and M4R (iPhone ringtones)
• Flac Lossless
• Apple Lossless (ALAC) encoded M4A files
• Can import audio tracks from MP4 and Quicktime videos (but can not save video files!)
• Batch export: Splits document into multiple audio files based on markers.
• Supports meta data (ID3 tags, etc) export and import

• Detailed Manual included
• 24 hours support by email
• We're excited about user feedback and feature suggestions :)

◉ We love Feedback
If you ever should miss a feature don't forget: MicroWave is updated regularly with new features and bug fixes. And we love feature suggestions! :)

* Please note that recording audio from the internet or other applications requires installation of the free 'Soundflower' driver - which doesn't take longer than 5 minutes. Detailed instructions can be found in the included manual.

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