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Veritable Swiss Army Knife of music discovery and organization features: === Mailbox Monday Are you a pro user?
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Mick Tagger is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of music discovery and organization features:
=== Mailbox Monday
Are you a pro user? Do you enjoy finding new music? Following too many playlists? Too many new songs to keep track of?
Use Mailbox Monday:
- Group any number of playlists together – by feeling, genre, artist, year, you decide!
- This grouping will create a new playlist
- In that playlist, every Monday, the app will gather and add the new songs added over the past week from the component playlists
- Kick back every Monday and have something to look forward to at the start of your week
=== Quick Save and Quick Open
Fastest way to add a track to a playlist. We’d like to say “no hands required”, but will you accept – “no mouse required”?
- Invoke the app through the CMD + SHIFT + Space shortcut
- Start typing in a playlist name
- Press ENTER when you’ve found it
- TAB through playlists until you find the right one
- If the playlist doesn’t exist, the app will create it
- And we won’t duplicate any songs!
Plus, CMD + SHIFT + S to quickly Like (heart) a song. And CMD + SHIFT + C for the easiest share experience ever – your friends will thank you.
=== Auto Like
With auto-like, Mick Tagger will automatically save a track to your Liked songs after playing it all the way through a couple of times. You can customize the number of times, so for example, we can automatically like it after 1 time played all the way through, 3 times, or as much as 20.
=== Evergreen Playlists
Let Mick Tagger keep your playlists fresh! The app will figure out which songs you skip often and which you play all the way through. After you’ve skipped a song enough times, the app will remove it from the playlist, so you’ll enjoy your playlists on every listen.
=== Other nifty features
For avid music lovers, CMD + SHIFT + j will queue up 3 more songs from the current artist – easiest way to explore an artist you've just discovered
Have a Sonos and are struggling to control the volume on it? There's a setting for that in Mick Tagger
Mick Tagger works with Spotify.
Terms of Use – https://shto.github.io/terms_of_use.html
Privacy Policy – https://shto.github.io/privacy-policy.html

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