Metel - Horror Escape 1.0

Struggle to escape from the hands of a maniac that keeps you captive.
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Metel - Horror Escape is a first-person 3D game in the quest, horror genre. You play as a victim that was caught by a maniac and put in a metal cage, in some old abandoned house located in the forest. You must be careful when trying to find a way out. A maniac should not notice your attempt to escape.

Your main task is to get out of this house and escape as far as possible from this nightmare. You must be careful when you are trying to escape, the maniac can hear you and come to you to check if everything is in place. Before he arrives, you must hide all the evidence of the escape and return to the cage so that the maniac does not find you badly. When the maniac comes, he first of all checks whether you are on the spot or not, then he suspects that you tried to escape, and if he does not find evidence of escape, then the maniac leaves and leaves you alone, but if he noticed at least one piece of evidence you have sent, for example, a box you opened or a forgotten open door, he will punish you by applying an electric current to your metal cage.

You have three attempts to escape. The game has four levels, and in each level you will play for different victims, learning the history of the victims and how it all started.

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