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service to filter out spam
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Messagefire works very simply, with no software to download, and no changes to your email address or how your friends send you mail.
You make a simple change to your email settings to fetch your mail from Messagefire's servers. You configure Messagefire to pick up your email from your current POP account. You tell Messagefire whether you want spam delivered as usual with a special header and/or subject tag, or whether you want it held on the server for you to review at your leisure. You're done. Your spam is gone, and you get a regular report of what was filtered out.
Unlike most spam filters. Messagefire does not look at the content of the message. Instead Messagefire looks at the headers of messages and analyzes their path and signature for signs of forgery. This means that Messagefire will block spam no matter how "clean" the content is, but will let mail from your friends every time.
Try the free "instant trial" on your mailbox from the Download Demo link.
What's new in this version:
Block or approve domains
In addition to blocking or approving individual senders, you can now apply filters to entire domains. Profanity filter
Just because it isn't spam doesn't mean you want it showing up in your inbox. You can now block messages with obscene content. Auto Delete
Automatically delete messages with a high junk score, from senders you have put on your block list, from countries you have blocked, from senders on Messagefire's block list, with dangerou...



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