Meson Player

Meson Player 0.4

Rock out to this simple GUI-less music player

Meson Player is a very convenient music player if you don't need any flashy GUI to control playback or manage playlists. Here you just run it and then forget about it. The player is running in background. Switching tracks, volume control, loading and saving playlists, all of this performed by using hotkeys. Therefore, you can control the player while working in any application.
Meson Player supports a lot of music file formats (stream and tracker), Internet radio and playlists management.
Supported sound formats: All platforms: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, MO3, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, UMX, MDZ, S3Z, XMZ, ITZ, AC3, MAC, MPC, MP+, MPP, SPX, TTA, FLAC, FLA, OGA, MIDI, MID, RMI, KAR, WV OSX: APE Can save/load playlists in following formats: ASX, M3U, XSPF, PLS, WPL CUE sheets support Internet radio playback, remote playlists support

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