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MesaSQLite makes creating, designing, and altering an SQLite3 database easy.
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MesaSQLite makes creating, designing, and altering an SQLite3 database easy. We also use it to edit, summarize, and analyze data for ourselves and clients. Although we build new databases most days, we spend more of our time viewing and editing data. MesaSQLite is set up for this in mind.
MesaSQLite uses the SQLite3 database engine. Here is an overview of MesaSQLite features:
- Connect to any database visible on a volume
- Open a new connection with each new window
- Do both of the above at the same time Structure:
- View, add, duplicate, rename, and delete tables
- View, add, duplicate, rename, edit, and delete fields on tables
- Specify field type, length, nullable, default value, and autoincrement
- Add and delete indexes on tables
- View the Create Table sql syntax for your tables Viewing and Editing Content:
- Select encoding for viewing your data - encodings: UTF8, Win Arabic, Win Baltic Rim, Win Cyrillic, Win Greek, Win Latin 1, Win Latin 2, Win Vietnamese, K018-R, Shift-JIS, ISO Arabic, SO Cyrillic, ISO Greek, ISO Hebrew, ISO Latin 1, ISO Latin 2
- Limit the number of records that load upon table selection
- Suppress autoloading of records upon table selection
- Build query to limit records using dropdown menus
- Limit a recordset from a table by selecting a record count and a starting record
- Set a "Load Last" limit that will load the last "n" records in the table
- Limit the columns returned in a recordset
- Sort a recordset by multiple fields
- Make global changes to many records in a showing recordset
- Reset column widths for easier viewing after a recordset loads with one click
- View totals of numeric columns in a recordset with one click
- Add and edit records directly in the listbox view
- Delete records directly from the listbox view
- Multi-select adjacent or non-adjacent rows for deletion or global editing
- Click and drag in the recordset listbox to select cells and make them available to the clipboard
- Reorder columns of data using click-and-drag without changing the structure of the table Special Queries:
- Type any query into the custom query field
- Read errors and rows returned associated with a custom query
- Store favorite queries and keep a history of recent queries Forerign Keys:
- SQLite3 Trigger technology is used to create Foreign Keys whose syntax is stored in the CREATE TABLE suntax of the table. Three triggers are created for each key in order to create and preserve referential integrity between tables
- Create, view, and edit your Foreign Keys in the Foreign Key tab Exporting and Importing Data:
- Drop a file containing REALBasic code to generate the database you have built in MesaSQLite
- Export a proprietary dump to back-up the structure and content of the database
- Export the content screen, custom query result, or table as a csv, tab, or xls file
- Import a proprietary dump that can recreate the database from a single file
- Import any csv, tab, or xls file into a given table

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