MenubarMusic 1.6

Not yet compatible with Mountain Lion MenubarMusic is simple music player...
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Jiri Kotraba

******* Not yet compatible with Mountain Lion ********MenubarMusic is simple music player, it's main goal is to provide music playback without unnecessary distractions like windows or icons in dock, the only manifestation is a small icon in the menubar. There are only two windows, one for playlist manager and one for playlist editor, but they are visible only when you are making changes to the playlists.MenubarMusic also comes with a possibility to combine playlists by simply selecting more of them, create your playlists with that in mind and you will be able to easily include or exclude groups of songs to better suit your current mood.You can choose if you want MenubarMusic to stay paused after the computer wakes from sleep or if you want to resume the playback. There is also an option to automatically start playing from selected playlists immediately after MenubarMusic launches.MenubarMusic can be set as default application to open supported music files. You can also open those files by dragging them on the MenubarMusic application in Finder. Files opened this way will be added to first playlist with name "Imported", if you rename or remove this playlist, new one will be created automatically when needed.Supported music formats: mp3, wav, aiff, aac, m4aTips: - to rename playlist double click it's name in the playlist manager window - if you drag & drop a folder to the playlist manager window a playlist with all mp3s from that folder is automatically created - you can also add songs to playlist by simply dragging them on the playlist editor window - to change order of playlists or songs simply drag & drop them - to playback specific song, doubleclick it's name in the playlist editor window

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