MenuAndDockless 2.1

Save and restore menu and dock visibilities when apps are launched.
2.1 (See all)

Depending on your chosen settings, Apps can automatically start with the Menu and the Dock visible or hidden. They can start with a saved window frame (size and position) - so even when you closed a window or the App and moved the windows before to a position you usually don't use, the next time you start the App your desired default frame will be restored.
MenuAndDockless can save and restore those frames for different display setups - meaning the annoying re-organizing of windows at work and at home is now a peace of cake.
You can also use MenuAndDockless to 'arrange' windows on the fly by either use the menu item or your own applied shortcut, make them floating or enter a fullscreen mode that does not automatically create an own Space - which means, drag-and-drop and Expose will still work and there is lots more you can do with MAD...

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