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The premier Mac OS X memory management system.
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memTools... The premier Mac OS X memory management system. With MemTools you can utilize three powerful methods to manage your memory resources allowing you increased flexibility in your performance expectations while using your applications. With MemTools you can use time, memory levels and full manual control to delegate powerful automation that when used appropriately can help almost completely eliminate the "spinning color wheels" that result from memory recycling of the advanced Mach Virtual Memory(VM) system part of every Mac OS X advanced computing system.
Every Mac computer has the advanced Mach Kernel combined with the solid foundation of UNIX. Memtools was designed with the Mac OS X advanced virtual memory system in mind. In addition Memtools has critical level statistics available to help you decide what levels, complexities, and timings will offer you the best performance for your mix of applications all the while staying out of the way of your work routine.

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