MemoryFreer 1.2

Monitor and clear up the memory on your Mac.
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1.2.2 (See all)
ThinkTime Creations LLC
Optimize the performance of your Mac by clearing the memory. Free up the inactive memory that takes up the RAM resources on your Mac. Receive an alert when you begin to run out of space. Keep track of your memory usage and visualize the data in real time as a Pie chart on the menubar.

MemoryFreer does just what it says - free up memory, especially the inactive memory that occupies the precious RAM on your machine. It greatly improves the performance of your memory-hungry applications such as Photoshop, Safari/Firefox, Office, iWork, etc.
Just click "Free Memory" button and watch the magic work! In some occasion you may need to run it a few times to shrink inactive memory to minimal.

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