Memory+ 1.1

This application helps you free up memory on your Mac.

Memory+ is an application designed to free up memory on your computer and optimize the performance of your system. This program sits quietly on your Menu Bar where you can access info regarding CPU usage, schedule cleanups, and change the way Memory+ operates.

In my testing, I compared the statistics offered by this app and the info available within Activity Monitor (Mac's default app for monitoring CPU usage, disk activity, etc.). The details weren't far from matching. Personally, I would've liked this program more if it offered information about which running apps use the most CPU resources.

After working with plenty of similar apps, I have to say Memory+ is one of the worst of its kind. I say this mostly because it takes a long time to free up memory on my computer (during cleaning process all launched apps run slowly) and the program fails to offer accurate CPU usage details.

To summarize, I'd say it's not worth installing this program on your Mac. Not only it occasionally crashes or freezes but it also requires some in-app purchases in order to have access to all features. You can find plenty of similar programs that lack the aforementioned flaws and efficiently free up memory on your Macs without a problem.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • You can schedule clean ups
  • Offers you memory usage details


  • You need to make an in-app purchase in order to have access to all features
  • Occasionally freezes
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