Memory Usage Getter

Memory Usage Getter 2.6

Memory Usage Getter is a program which graphically shows the memory.
2.6 (See all)
Simone Manganelli

Memory Usage Getter is a program which graphically shows the memory and CPU usage of open processes and applications in an easy-to-use interface that provides useful information, not cryptic data, through the use of visual representations as well as a table showing you all the information you want to know. It supports many advanced features, like the monitoring of individual processes over time, logging, the ability to kill processes, and an overall graph available in the Dock or in a separate window.
Version 2.6 includes a number of bug fixes and interface enhancements, including the ability of history windows to monitor whether applications have quit and reopened, automatic force killing of stubborn processes, a "Kill Special" submenu with keyboard sequences for fast access to quit five commonly used applications, as well as support for Macs with Intel processors.

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