Memory Clinic 1.0

Join Dr. Summerland at her exclusive Memory Clinic to improve your memory through a variety of hidden object-based challenges.
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Memory Clinic is a mix of a memory game and a hidden-object game. The game offers two modes: Training and Quick training. In Training mode, you advance gradually through stages following a story, and it includes hidden-object games and mini-games with a great variety of memory games. This mode can be played in Relaxed or Normal mode, which is timed. In Quick training, you do the same but there is no story and you can select which games you wish to play.

Sadly, the hidden-object scenes are not very good, as they are not very crowded and the objects to find are not very well camouflaged with the environment, so it is too easy to spot them. However, there are harsh penalties for random and wrong clicking. The list will replenish itself when you find objects until there are no more objects to find. If you have trouble finding an object, you can click on it and ask for a hint, which will also cost you points. In the memory games, you will be shown something in the scenes just for a few seconds and then this object will be removed, so you need to mark its former location and sometimes even say the number shown. The program will keep statistics of all your game results, so you can see if you have improved your memory or not. The game offers very simple graphics and sounds, and relaxing music.

To sum up, if you are looking for a game to help you improve your memory while having fun, Memory Clinic may be a nice choice. On the contrary, if you are looking for a hidden-object game, you should definitely look elsewhere.

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  • Nice memory games
  • Enjoyable
  • Two modes
  • Challenging


  • Hidden-object games are not very good
  • Simple graphics and sounds



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