Memory Cleaner X

Memory Cleaner X 3.2

Free RAM and boost up the performance of your Mac.
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This program enables you to immediately free RAM (Random Access Memory) and boost up the performance of your Mac. The utility is very intuitive, uses minimum CPU resources while operating on your computer, and provides you with accurate RAM usage details.

It might prove to be of good use if you worked with RAM-consuming programs and wish to quickly make your Mac operate faster once you shut down the utilities in question.

You can also use this tool to analyze disk usage on your computer (you might need to wait a while for the program to finish the analysis). With its help, you can learn which files and utilities take out the most disk space on your Mac. However you cannot delete any of the listed data; instead, you're advised to used other programs from the same developer.

Still, when it comes to freeing RAM, the utility completes the task without any issues. A good aspect is the fact that you can configure the program to automatically free RAM once RAM usage reaches a certain value (for example if CPU usage is less than 20%).

All in all, the tool works OK, is free, and features easy-to-configure settings. So, you should give it a shot if the aforementioned issues mean nothing to you.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Can be configured to automatically free RAM
  • Provides you with accurate statistics
  • Lets you know which programs use large amounts of RAM


  • It might take a while to analyze disk usage
  • Unable to reclaim disk space (you need to install other tools from the same developer)
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