Melo 1.2

Simple, reliable and lightweight scrobbler.

Melo keeps your profile up to date with songs you listen to on iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and in iTunes.
- Just open the app and connect it to your profile
- Automatically keeps track of every song, podcast, audiobook, and music video you play
- Music-only mode is available in preferences Lightweight:
- Tiny icon in the menu bar stays out of your way
- Uses a very small amount of your Mac's power Reliable:
- Every play counts, even if there is no network connection Beautiful:
- Glance at what's playing
- Tell the world you love a song
- Quickly open your profile
Note: Music on the devices must either be synced from your Mac, or streamed with Home Sharing. Take a look at the FAQ on our Web site for more information.

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