MegaManEffect 1.1

Emulate the aesthetics of the classic NES game.
1.1 (See all)
Change the interface and visual style of Mac OS X to resemble those of the Mega Man game. Integrate analogue sound and video elements, change the process of booting to resemble the launch of the NES console, view the low-resolution graphics recreation synchronized with modern hardware.

MegaManEffect... Long before there was Billable there was a weekend hack called the MegaManEffect. What is the MegaManEffect?
The MegaManEffect is an application that emulates an effect seen in the classic NES game Mega Man 2. When you launch an OS X application, the screen goes dark, stars sweep the night sky and your application's icon is presented in a blue letter box bar with a cheesy 8-bit music introduction.

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