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mediAvatar YouTube to MP3 Converter is a video downloader and converter.
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mediAvatar YouTube to MP3 Converter is a video downloader and converter. It was designed to provide you with an easy way to download music from YouTube, but it can also be used to download any video.

The app lets you browse YouTube just like you would with a web browser: you can play videos within the app, even in full screen, and browse your video playlists. When you are ready to download a video, you can simply click on the first button on the top toolbar. This is the download button, and, when you click it, a new window will come up asking you to confirm the download. Here, you can change some options. The most important one is whether you want to convert the video or not. If you do want to convert it, there are three formats available: MP3, MP2 and WAV. If you don't convert the video, it will be downloaded in either FLV or MP4, depending on the quality version that is downloaded.

On the application's home page, you will see a list of new videos. There is a drop-down menu that lets you choose the top rated, most discussed, most favorited or most viewed videos. You can download the entire list by clicking on "Download all".

In my testing, I downloaded a music video and converted it to MP3. Then I added the file to iTunes it sounded just fine. I also downloaded a video without converting it, and the results were good as well.

José Fernández
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  • You can download both video and audio
  • Fast
  • It can download HD videos


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