mediAvatar iPhone Ringtone Maker

mediAvatar iPhone Ringtone Maker 3.0

This app lets you create ringtones and transfer them to your iPhone.

MediAvatar iPhone Ringtone Maker is a utility that lets you create ringtones for your iPhone out of video or audio files. The format support is actually quite great. You can load MP3, AVI, DivX, WAV and even MKV files and the application will open them just fine. When a file is loaded, you will see a timeline that shows the volume changes in the audio track of your file. On this timeline, a yellow area marked with two green bars will display the part of the audio that will be made into a ringtone. You can drag and drop on these green bars to adjust the length of the ringtone, or you can do this by entering the times for the start point and end point in the fields below the timeline. You can of course play the audio to figure out what part of the audio you want to use. When the audio is playing, you can move a red bar to control playback.

You can add fade in and fade out effects to the ringtone and even increase or decrease the volume of the audio. This is a nice feature. I have noticed that my iPhone 4 has very weak speakers, so boosting the volume is a nice way to actually hear my ringtones.

When you are done creating a ringtone, you can either save it as an M4R file in a folder on your computer, or add it directly to iTunes and even your iPhone, if it is connected.

José Fernández
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  • Good format support
  • Fast
  • You can add ringtones directly to iTunes and your iPhone


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