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media hive 0.9

media hive is a program that lets you play your audio and video from anywhere
0.9 (See all)
Doug Crane

media hive is a free program that lets you play your audio and video from anywhere using your favorite web browser. It makes large media collections quick and easy to navigate by offering multiple navigation modes, and by minimizing interface clutter. It features a truly streamable playlist. This means you can always modify the playlist in your browser while it's being played - even when using the embedded flash player. # It makes it easy to choose what to play. Today that means that you can rate and filter your content; in the future, it will try to pick what you want to play so you don't have to.
- Runs under Windows, OS X, and Linux.
- Drag-and-drop playlist.
- Powerful filtering and smart-playlist capabilities.
- Lets you play your stuff from anywhere you have an internet connection.
- Plays audio right from your browser with its embedded flash player (using RTMP streaming).
- Support for both audio (MP3, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis) and video.
- Can reencode your audio and video on-the-fly to work with slow network connections.
- Keeps usage statistics, and can show you lists of what your favorite stuff was for the last week, month, or whenever you want to see.
- iPhone/iPod Touch interface, and can stream directly to those devices.
- Badges: images that you can embed in your website, blog, myspace page, forum sig, etc. They can show your favorite artists, albums, or songs, or they can show what's currently playing on your system. They can be any size, can show your favorites for different date ranges, and list as many (or few) items as you want. See the screenshots section for an example.
- Simple to install and run.

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