MatrixPage2Pict 1.2

creates a preview of a Quark file at any size
1.2 (See all)
Matrix Software

Compatible with the Retrieva and Extensis Portfolio asset management applications, this Quark XTension provides a preview of all the Quark pages within the document along with previews of all images used and co-ordinates of the picture boxes.
This info is stored in the resource fork of the file and can be easily accessed using applications such as ResEdit, Resourcerer or procedurally using FileMaker, 4D, Omnis, REALbasic or C.
The preferences allow the user to switch previews off, set the size of the previews or allow the previews to be their natural size, as well as settings for JPEG compression quality for page & image previews.
MatrixPage2Pict 1.2.0 and higher for QuarkXPress 7 is a paid upgrade from version 1.1.x for QuarkXPress 6.
A licence for MatrixPage2Pict for QuarkXPress 7 costs

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