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Free It is a math-based graphing tool designed for math trainers.
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MathGraph 32 is a math-based graphing tool designed for teachers who want to reveal the secrets of geometry to students. It is a complex application that consists of visual representations and simulations of dynamic geometry figures which are given for analysis. Being an open-source software program, you can improve the tool's functionalities, so they can fit your teaching needs. In addition, the students have the opportunity to participate interactively in the problem-solving process – thus, they have the chance to discover the beauty and the complexity of geometry in both a fascinating and an intuitive way.

The application comes with an attractive interface that provides math teachers with comprehensive and easy-to-manage drawing tools that enable them to trace miscellaneous plane geometry figures, no matter how sophisticated they may be. Most part of the window is taken by a large drawing canvas, so you can benefit from a perfect and real-time visual display of the figure you create. The toolbars surrounding the working area host a large number of figure construction and customization tools – therefore, you can create and adjust points of coordinates, lines, segments, vectors, circles, angles, function curves, cursors, and variables, to name but a few. Using simple mouse clicks, handy dialog boxes, and smart macros, you have the ability to create new items from scratch - yet, you can select predefined figures, such as usual geometry objects, common types of frames and curves, sequences graphs, probabilities, and pseudo-3D elements, as a basis for designing intricate drawings.

Furthermore, the program lets teachers practice with their students complex numbers calculus. This way, you can create real or complex calculus syntax, variable and derivative functions, real or complex recurrent sequences, and many other calculation types. In addition, the application offers specialized instruments for measuring the line length and the distance between two points, the abscissa and the complex affix of a point, the angles within a figure and the slope of a line in a frame, the polygon area and the scalar multiplication. The abilities to create macro-constructions and to select the favorite functionality level represent great assets, as they enable you to adapt the program for custom use.

Being particularly designed for teaching purposes, this utility offers math trainers the opportunity to create dynamic geometry figures and make advanced numeric calculations to be presented to their students in an academic and interactive way. The projects can be exported to PNG and JPG image formats, as well as an HTML page for online visualization.

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  • Creates high-resolution and complex geometry figures
  • Allows you to select the level of functionality
  • Open source app
  • Easy upload to web pages
  • Support for new theorems


  • Requires a complementary application for the program to work


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