Math Stars Plus 2010r

Math Stars Plus 2010r 2.2

Math Stars Plus is a program for mastering math facts.
2.2 (See all)
Class One Software

The basic module of Math Stars Plus challenges students to complete all fact groups up to a selectable number. As each function ( - x /) is successfully completed, the student earns a STAR. When 4 stars have been earned, the student's name is entered into the Hall of Fame. The program records every problem the student attempts and can be set to use the student's previous data in selecting new problems.

In addition, Math Stars Plus includes 6 fun but challenging math games. The games range in difficulty from fairly easy to quite challenging even for advanced high school players. Students compete against their own best time or highest score in each game. The PLUS games are not counted in the student's quest to complete the facts for each function.

Main Features:
- time limit per question
- number of problems
- random or fixed numbers
- allow negatives
- vertical or horizontal display
- highest number allowed

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