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math bubble MA is a mathematics game designed for kids.
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math bubble MA is a mathematics game designed for kids. It is supposed to help kids with mathematical operations. The games feature sum, subtraction, division and multiplication operations, but it doesn't teach kids how to do them. There are two different game modes. The first one, called "Guess Answer" displays an operation without a result. The screen will start filling up with bubbles with numbers inside them. You have to click the bubble with the correct result to move on to the next operation. The sooner you select the answer, the better you will do at the end of the round. The second mode, called "Guess Sign" is similar, but you see two numbers, a question mark and a result. Here, you have to click on a bubble with the correct operation. The bubbles will show all the operation signs.

In both modes, the screen fills up with bubbles really fast. It took me a second to figure out what was happing since everything was moving so fast. I also found a bug. Whenever you click on a wrong bubble repeatedly, the bubbles become bigger and bigger, and I found myself starting at a big bubble which wasn't the correct answer for the hint below, and I was unable to exit the application, so I had to force-quit it.

In short, despite the aforementioned bug, the game could work to help kids become faster at solving basic mathematical operations.

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José Fernández
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  • Two game modes


  • The music can get annoying
  • As explained in the review, there is a bug that prevents you from exiting the game or the application when you randomly click on the screen several times, making the bubbles become bigger and bigger, thus blocking the entire screen



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