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Math Bracket is a really simple educational tool for kids.
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Math Bracket is a really simple educational tool for kids. It allows them to practice basic mathematical operations to improve their skills. These operations are put into brackets, so before playing this game, it is recommended that kids know how to deal with operations inside brackets. Out of all the Mintmomeg games that I tried so far, this is the most advanced one. From the Preferences window, you can choose what kind of operations you want to see during the game. The default operations are subtractions and additions, but you can also add multiplications. There are three difficulty levels, and if you want to make the game harder, you can set the operations to random.

During gameplay, an operation will be displayed at the top of the screen, and three results will be shown at the bottom. The goal is to click on the correct one. If you do click on the correct solution, a green check mark will be shown; if not, you will see a red cross. After five or so operations, the round will be over and you will see your results.

All throughout the game, you will hear the voices of small children encouraging you, and reading the text on buttons and menues out loud.

In conclusion, Math Bracket can help your kids practice their math skills. The game is more advanced than other games from the same developer, but it suffers from the same problem: design. Math Bracket simply doesn't look like a polished game. The graphics leave a bit to be desired and some design choices make navigation unintuitive.

José Fernández
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  • Advanced operations
  • Three difficulty levels


  • The overall application design could be better
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