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Free Match Me Animal MA is a memory game designed for kids.
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Match Me Animal MA is a memory game designed for kids. In it, you will be shown a number of cards face down. You have to turn them to see what animal is on each card. The objective is for you to make matches with identical cards. The cards have images of animals on them. When you make a match, the two cards that you matched will be removed from the screen. If you don't make a match, both cards will be turned again and you will have to remember where they are. There is a meter on the left part of the screen that starts running down when you start a game and every time you fail to make a match. If it runs down completely before you match all the cards on the screen, you will lose. There are three difficulty levels. In all of the modes, there are twelve cards and the timer runs down equally as fast in all of them. The difference in the difficulty levels is that in the easy mode, you have to match images, but in the hard mode, you have to match an image with a word, and, although this doesn't seem harder, it really is.

Match Me Animal MA is a simple game but it can help kids work on their memory and even learn how to spell the animals depicted in the cards.

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  • The hard mode is good for kids to learn how to spell words and improve memory


  • No options other than difficulty level



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