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Marathon Pace Calculator is a utility for marathon runners.
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Marathon Pace Calculator is a utility for marathon runners or anyone who might be interested in the times and paces that a runner has to accomplish during a run. The application lets you choose the distance and the time that you want to complete the race in, and it will calculate 27 different splits and divide the race into two stages. For example, by default, the race time is set to 4 hours for a full marathon (26.219 miles). The application suggests a split pace of 9:09 for the first halt of the race and a split of 9:03 for the second part. This is the time that should take you to run a mile. The first stage has 13 miles and the second one 13.219 miles. There is also a sliding bar that lets you change the balance of your run. If you want to run a competitive race, your second stages will be faster than the first ones, but if you don't care about your position in the race and your only goal is to complete the race, the application will suggest that you start fast and slow down at the second stage.

From the Distance drop-down menu, you can choose the length of the race. Some of the options are full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 20k and 100k.

I usually run in the summer and this application is very useful for training for a specific event. I like how the app gives you split times and cumulative times for each mile.

José Fernández
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