Maize Sampler 2.03

It is a tool for sound developers to create sample-based virtual instruments.
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Have you ever dreamed publishing your samples as a VST and Audio Unit virtual instrument? With Maize Sampler, this is easy and affordable. In minutes, your instruments will be ready to be used by musicians all over the world.

Maize Sampler is a cross-platform tool for sound developers to create sample-based virtual instruments.

The application is able to load EXS24 sampler format, export .mse compact instrument file, and features group selections by key / controller / MIDI channel, disk-streaming / memory reading mode, poly / mono / legato voice mode with glide time, LFO, ADSR envelope and built-in reverb effect, round-robin / random overlapped sample trigger, sample loop, choke cluster, release trigger, big sample mapping area and sample table view, VST and Audio Unit player plug-in generation, what you see is what you get player GUI editor, custom knobs and buttons on player UI, serial number copy protection on exported instruments.

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