MailBox 1.0

It offers you an easy way to check your Gmail account.
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MailBox is a simple program that sits on your Menu Bar and provides you with an easy and quick way to send or read emails from your Gmail account. This application comes as an alternative to using your default browser to check your Google email account.

The utility features three display modes: Mobile (compact size), Desktop (clearer view of the email account), and Older (the "vintage" view of the Gmail account). Personally, I prefer the Desktop version as it displays all the options I could possibly require.

You can use this application to send, read, forward, and reply emails, manage Gmail account info, search older messages, and much more. Another good thing about this utility is that it uses a very small amount of CPU resources while running on your Menu Bar.

Unfortunately, the program comes with two flaws: it doesn't allow you to resize its main window, and it becomes unresponsive when clicking the Settings button (while using the Mobile display mode).

Nevertheless, this application is free of charge and offers you a very fast solution for checking your Gmail account. So, I'd say it's worth trying this program on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Lets you choose from three display modes (Mobile, Older, and Desktop)
  • Free of charge


  • Nothing happens when clicking the Settings button (while using the Mobile display mode)
  • Unable to resize main window
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