Mail Manipulator 1.0

Exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Apple Mail.
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The Mail Manipulator plug-in provides an efficient way to exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Mac OS X Mail using nothing more than FileMaker script steps- no AppleScript or XML programming is required!
Import Mail with Attachments:
Import e-mails including attachments from Mac Mail into FileMaker. This allows you to create a complete archive of all e-mail correspondence in your FileMaker solution that can be shared with the entire organization.
Send Mail with Attachments:
Send plain text formatted e-mails with MULTIPLE attachments. There is no limit to how many attachments you can send!
Move Mail:
Moves e-mail between Mac Mail folders which allows you to create "archives" within your Mac Mail folder structure and further organizes your processed e-mail.
Accounts Supported:
The plug-in supports Exchange, IMAP and POP mail account types



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