Mail Act-On

Mail Act-On 3.1

Organizes your email via simple keystrokes.
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Mail Act-On is a plugin Apple's Mail (Panther & Tiger) in that allows you to map specific mail rules or actions to "Act-On" keys. When viewing mail you can apply an "Act-On" action for a message by making simple keystrokes. Mail Act-On makes use of Mail's existing rule engine, so if you have ever created a rules, you already know 99% of what you need to know to build an Act-On action. Imagine, no AppleScripts or other macros. (Even if you haven't ever created a mail rule, there is very little to learn!)
What's new in this version:
[OS] Fixes compability for internal changes in Mail in OS X 10.10.3
[IMP] Displays more relevant version information for beta and bugfix builds. [IMP] Version information in preferences can not be selected and copied.
[IMP] Adds preference setting for always display number keys as digits (on certain keyboards, the number key is a shift modified keystroke. This setting will show the keystroke as the digit rather than a shift-modified key).
[FIX] Forwarding or redirect...

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