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Play mahjong games for hours, without spending a buck.
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Mahjong Mojo 3D is a board game developed for Mac that allows you to play mahjong levels for as long as you like, without paying a buck. The app lacks a help guide or any instructions. So, if you're a beginner mahjong player you might need to look for game rules on the web.

The app comes with 3D graphics, lets you choose between 3 tile styles, and allows you to change camera view angle however you like. Furthermore, it provides you with as many hints as you want while completing mahjong challenges (it shows you possible tile moves).

Your objective is to clear the board by matching identical tiles. You can only eliminate the tiles that are on top of other mahjong pieces and/or have an empty space next to them.

I'm not a beginner mahjong player so I knew exactly how to complete the challenges and immediately finished all levels. The game offered a small amount of board layouts, had unimpressive graphics, lacked an option to save game progress for later. Furthermore, you can adjust camera view only by using the buttons from the right side of the interface.

In my opinion, you should try a different app if you're looking for a feature-rich mahjong game for your Mac. This app comes with many flaws and is quite limited.

Ashley Griggs
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  • You can flip or rotate the board while playing
  • Offers you hints
  • Lets you choose between 3 tile styles


  • Unimpressive graphics
  • Provides you with a small amount of layouts
  • Lacks an option to save game progress
  • You can adjust camera view only by using the buttons from the right side of the interface
  • Lacks instructions
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