Mahjong Letters 1.02

Mahjong Puzzle combines a mahjong with a word game.
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Mahjong Letters is a very enjoyable game that combines a mahjong with a word game. In this game you must form words with the free letter tiles given. The objective of the game is to clear the board and score as many points as possible by making long words. The letter tiles have points on them; the more points they have, the higher the score they will give you when you use them to form words. To form the words, you must click on the letter tiles in order, and they will appear at the bottom part of the screen. When the word is ready, you have to click on "Submit".

If you make a mistake, you can clear the entire word or press "Undo" to eliminate the last letter you have selected. For every game, you will know the number of tiles and available moves, and your current score. If you get stuck, you can ask the game for hints, which are unlimited and don't cost you points, which will highlight the tiles to form a word with. Moreover, if you cannot make any more moves, you can also shuffle the board. The game offers five difficulty levels and multiple layouts to choose from. if you want, you can also change the background image and select the music track you wish to listen to. The game can be played in 3D or 2D, and it features nice, but not impressive graphics and simple sounds.

In short, if you are looking for something fun to pass the time, which combines two games in one, Mahjong Letters may work for you.

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  • Very enjoyable
  • Lots of layouts
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Nice music and backgrounds


  • Graphics are nice but not impressive


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