MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes Uninstall

MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes Uninstall 3.0

You can back up your favorite memories quickly and easily to your Mac.
3.0 (See all)

With the original rescue package from MAGIX, consisting of MAGIX software and the practical USB video converter SCART adapter, you can back up your favorite memories quickly and easily to your Mac in top quality. By the way, the rescue package is suitable for not only VHS, but all other tape formats too, including Video 8, S-VHS and Hi8! Connect devices to the digitizer without a SCART connection using RCA or S-Video cables. This way, you will never miss the right moment - with the useful quick start function you can start your recording directly with the video converter. The video rescue package includes everything you need to digitize your VHS cassettes: USB video converter, scart cable, USB extension and software for recording and converting your videos on your Mac. No additional hardware necessary. You should be able to enjoy wonderful memories whenever you wish: VHS cassettes of your vacations, family trips, sports tournaments, found in almost every household - these are recordings that move you and from which you should never be separated. But be careful: Tape recordings are anything but safe - the average life expectancy for VHS cassettes amounts to around 15 years, and that's in optimum storage (protected from light, low moisture levels, and constant temperature). The magnetic layer slowly deteriorates until the tape is useless. And all this can happen at a faster pace if tapes haven't been stored in the best possible conditions! Digitize your valuable analog recordings directly to your Mac in order to be able to enjoy these with your friends and family for years and years!

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