MagicCopy 2.0

Makes clipboard records available on multiple devices.
2.0.0 (See all)

Magic Copy is a handy clipboard manager that preserves any text and links you copied to have them available on multiple devices. Using the app requires registring on the developers' website with a personal account. You simply sign in with your credentials and access the same notes on any device.

The utility installs in the menu bar of your Mac so you can open it with ease at any moment. Once a text is copied, the tool saves it automatically in a cloud-like storage place and syncs the content across all your devices. In addition, the application allows you to create new notes manually by writing down text-based information, which can also be accessed from different devices.

Each time you click on the menu bar icon, a drop-down list with your latest clips is displayed in the inverse chronological order, meaning that the last thing you copied is the first item on the list. Unfortunately, you can neither reorder the notes nor search for specific notes by date or keywords.

In short, Magic Copy is a simple clipboard manager. The ability to access the copied items across multiple devices represents the tool's greatest asset.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Sync clipboard content across multiple devices
  • Create new notes manually
  • Encrypt your clipboard


  • Depends on an Internet connection
  • Can't sort or reorder the notes
  • Lacks a search function