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MagicBase is the mobile personal database for everyone.
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MagicBase is the mobile personal database for everyone. With this powerful tool, anybody can create custom databases without writing a single line of code. For example, a database can consist of various bits of info which are, in some way, related to each other. You might have a database representing employees and another representing tasks. Now you can easily assign or match tasks to employees.

Do you want to share data with your friends or co-workers? It's never been easier! You can synchronize your database with Google Docs spreadsheets, or you can establish a private peer-to-peer network with other mobile devices and share data among them.

Have you created a cool database? You can easily send an empty copy of it - a universal template - to anybody via email. Everybody who has MagicBase installed can import the template with a single click. Alternatively, you can invite users to your database so they can share not only the structure of the database but also its content.

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