MagicanRest 1.0

A timer that locks the screen when it reaches zero.
The program is available on Mac Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site
Magican Software Ltd.
No longer supported by the developer

MagicanRest is a timer that locks the screen when it reaches zero, forcing the user to take a break, then restarts the timer when the break is over. The lock can be overridden with a button press and password input (if elected by the user) but until the user acts or the break timer runs down, an attractive screensaver is displayed with a clock and/or health tips.

The timer, displayed in the menu bar, is automatically reset at the end of each break period, which may not suit the needs of more general timer usage. The pre-break countdown can however be paused indefinitely by simply selection the option in the menu drop-down. Interface flaws include a lack of distinction between seconds and minutes in the menu timer (00:12 can mean either 12 minutes or 12 seconds), lack of ability to preview selected lock screens without activating the timer, and several grammatical errors. But the option to only run in a certain time frame on certain days of the week is a useful compensation, as is the ability to set a custom password independent of the user's system password.

Sam's Protip: Those looking for a more elaborate method of work break timing might take a look at Tomato Timer, which uses the Pomodoro Technique.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Several attractive lock screens to choose from
  • Notification when the screen is about to lock
  • Fairly customizable


  • Somewhat ambiguous menu display
  • Interface in general isn't the greatest
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