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MagicanAntiTrojan is a very efficient Flashback Trojan remover.
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Magican Software Ltd.

MagicanAntiTrojan is an anti-trojan utility that will allow you to detect and remove any Flashback Trojan infections from your system.
Flashback Trojan infections are usually very hard to detect since the virus masks itself as an Adobe Flash update, thus, circumventing your Antivirus application. Flashback Trojan is especially dangerous since it can remain undetected for long periods of time and can steal your private information, such as: user names, passwords, bank accounts and many more. A great thing about MagicanAntiTrojan is that it can detect and remove the Flashback Trojan while protecting your system from further infections.

Simply install and run MagicanAntiTrojan and with a single mouse click your systems will be protected. MagicanAntiTrojan will automatically scan and remove any Trojan infestations from your system and that's the way it assures the security of your private information. You will be able to see which and how many files have been infected before removing the Flashback Trojan.

In conclusion, MagicanAntiTrojan is a very simple-to-use yet highly powerful Flashback Trojan remover tool.

Mario Procione
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  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive
  • Free


  • It is mainly designed to remove the Flashback Trojan, therefore, it might not provide the same efficiency when it comes to other malware
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