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Access various YouTube accounts from your desktop.
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Made for YouTube is a Mac application that allows you to access YouTube right from your desktop. It unobtrusively runs at the Menu Bar, from where you can access it with a click on its icon or by pressing a hotkey combination. It is also possible to show its icon in the Dock and run the tool automatically with system startup.

The tool’s interface keeps a layout similar to that of YouTube’s web application. There is the possibility of performing searches and accessing your favorite channels. Luckily, the app supports connecting to more than one account, which is not possible if you are using a browser.

Made for YouTube has some additional advantages over the web app. For instance, it can help you enjoy a better experience by blocking ads in the form of video and banners. Similarly, the tool can automatically pause video playback whenever Made for YouTube is no longer the active window, as well as resume it when you switch back to it.

All in all, Made for YouTube facilitates accessing and playing YouTube content. However, it does not seem to let you download or upload videos, which is possible with other tools. The product is shareware and can be tried at no cost. The full version has quite an affordable price.

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  • Unobtrusive app
  • Allows accessing more than one account
  • Blocks annoying ads
  • Pauses and resumes video playback automatically
  • Supports full-screen playback


  • Cannot download or upload videos



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