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MadCap is an animal-themed puzzle/arcade game for the Mac.
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MadCap is an animal-themed puzzle/arcade game for the Mac. In this game, you have to splash the animals below with tomato sauce. At the top of the screen, there is an animal who grabs to a ledge and swings around. It holds a chipmunk, who holds a tomato. When you click, the animal will let go of the chipmunk and tomato. The goal is to hit the animals below or have the chipmunk land really near to them. After a while, the tomatos will explode, splattering them in tomato sauce. The first few levels are really easy, because there aren't any obstacles. But after a while, you will find added challenges, like not sending any tomatos outside of the screen, which will make you lose 100 points. Or hitting multiple enemies.

The game features 144 different levels of varying difficulty. There isn't any music, which I don't mind, but there are animal sounds and birds chirping around. The graphics are pretty awesome, especially the character models after the tomatoes have exploded.

In short, this is a nice puzzle game that will probably keep you entertained for a while. At only $0.99, it is a steal.

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