MacUncle Data Wipe 1.0

Erase the unwanted data permanently from the system before selling.
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MacUncle Data Wipe – A astute tool for Mac machines. Erase the unwanted data permanently from the system before selling. Delete single or multiple files/folders from the system using the Add option provided by the tool.
The Tool performs a zero-filling procedure to erase the data from the system. Get different data wiping methods – Zero, Random, Zero & Random, Random & Zero, WipeFile- Medium, US Navy MFM, US Navy RLL, US DoD/US Air Force, Microsoft Cipher, Bit Toggle, WipeFile - Secure, NATO – Standard, and Peter Gatmann. All the mentioned wipe method performs different types of deleting process.
Opt for any wiping method to erase data from Mac Hard Drive, using which perform a complete erasure procedure without any boundaries. Before the deletion takes place users are allowed to set a filter option as the application performs non-retrieval erasure. Set up filter option before the Data wipe on Mac.
Test Trial Version of Data Wipes for Mac OS to understand the working of the tool. Delete 10 files with a size less than 5 MB. The Demo version consists of all the features included in the Profession package. Later upgrade the erase all data from Mac without any interruptions.
The software is compatible with all the latest versions of editions of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and the above versions.



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