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Free MacTrek is a free online Star Trek-based action game.
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MacTrek is a free online Star Trek-based action game. The original name of the game is NetTrek, which is playable on Windows. It was developed in 1988, but it is still played by users around the world. The development of the game was done using cross-platform software, so you can play MacTrek against Windows users if you want. It should be noted that MacTrek isn't a game that has top-of-the-line graphics or effects. It is a simple game that you play from an overview perspective. The objective of the game is to capture enemy planets and destroy enemy ships while taking care of your own. It is played by up to 16 players online, but you can also play against the computer. For an old game, MacTrek is really addictive, mainly because you are given a lot of control over your ships. The ships are controlled by the mouse and keyboard. You can shoot photon torpedoes and phasers and go into warp speeds. There are a ton of planets that you can go to and some of those planets have real Star Trek names.

The gameplay is quite interesting. I have played every Star Trek game, and this little gem lets you do things that you couldn't do, even in commercial games. For example, you can go to one of your planets to get your ship repaired and re-fueled. You can orbit a planet by pressing the "O" key. You can also attempt to detonate enemy torpedoes at will.

I am pretty sure that you will just dismiss this game as old and boring the moment you see its screenshots, but this is one of those games that is just fun to play. Star Trek fans will surely love it.

JF Senior editor
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  • Fun to play
  • Lots of controls
  • Cross-platform
  • Online play


  • Not many people are playing this game online. I only found two opponents


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